Spice Up Your Wardrobe This Festive Season with The Dance of Colour Collection

November 10, 2020

The seasons of festivity are celebrated by a multitude of cultures around the world. They are celebrated and adored by so many due to the air of joy and happiness that they bring. Millions of souls hailing from various ethnicities and backgrounds flock together in a burst of colour and energy that breathes a whole new level of vigour into the hearts of anyone who bears witness to such a magnificent event. Thus, it is only appropriate that anyone who admires the beauty of the traditional festivals be adorned accordingly. With jewellery that accurately portrays the festivities as they are. The main theme that stands in the forefront during the festive season is colour. A multitude of breath-taking shades and hues erupt into view that rejuvenates the world around you. With music that fills your soul, laughter that engulfs you in happiness along with the best fashion, it truly is a sight to behold.

Providing our customers with the best, authentic traditional jewellery has always been our goal here at The Modern Punjaban. Ensuring that you always have a piece of culture-rich treasure at hand is what drives us.

It is with that in mind, we unveil our brand new, limited edition bangle collection; The Dance of Colour. With the seasonal festivities, we hope that our wide range of products sweep you off your feet and consume you in a river of colour that makes you feel like you are in the midst of a great and colourful festival.

We always strive to offer variety and freedom of choice to our customers so that they can be the judge of what suits their unique styles. With The Dance of Colour collection, that freedom of choice is available more than ever! With the introduction of gorgeous colour variants of our limited-edition products, you, the consumer gets to decide which piece speaks to you the most.

As with all Modern Punjaban products, the bangles of The Dance of Colour collection are made with meticulous care and love. Each and every bangle undergoes rigorous inspections to guarantee that you only get the best of the best. Just like our other high-end collections, you will never have to worry about coming in second place when it comes to your wardrobe.

The festive season with all its grandeur, is deeply personal as well. It is the time for each and every beautiful woman to embrace a look that drops the veil between reality and fantasy. The tidal wave of colour that splashes into your life can be quite something, and with the right jewellery, you can be living your festival dream.

With The Dance of Colour being our first limited time, exclusive collection, we wanted ensure you did not miss out on this stunning festival daydream. Each product of our collection sports many variants that you can choose to your liking, or mix and match even. We have made each piece extremely affordable yet maintaining our high-end standards to bring you an authentic and traditional experience like no other.

The Modern Punjaban presents to you, The Dance of Colour bangle collection. With three absolutely jaw dropping designs sporting colour variants that each speak its own language, there is a bangle here for each and every type of wardrobe, so shop away to your heart’s content!


The first bangle design is aptly named Festival Beauty. Its carefully crafted patterns along with gold backing provide a centre stage for the main event; a dash of colour that breathes a whole new life into the bangle and its wearer.


The Festival Beauty sports six glorious colour variants; Mulberry, Seafoam, Azure, Arctic, Rose and Dusk. Each colour has been fine-tuned down to the exact shade that we wanted it to be, to ensure that the true spirit of the festive season gets through to you via our elegant collection of bangles.


The second design in The Dance of Colour collection is the elegantly crafted Lover’s Gift. The more sophisticated of the bunch, its designed with the aid of rubies and precise cuts and markings supported on a high-end gold backing to accentuate its sense of grandiosity. We were inspired by the fantasy of a love story for the ages being unfolded right in the middle of a giant festival parade. With hundreds and thousands of beautiful souls dancing in the most colourful getups, true love blossoms- shielded by the piercing glare of reality.

The Lover’s Gift sports four adorable colour variants that you can choose from to live out your romantic fantasy; Sage, Blush, Pacific, and Satin


And last but not least, our third entry in this fabulous collection is named Dancer’s Grace. This slim build ornamented with carefully placed floral patterns speak volumes of the masterful design process that all products of The Modern Punjaban possess.


The Dancer’s Grace is one of the most striking pieces we’ve ever made. With four amazing colours Mint, Marble, Watermelon and Midnight that dazzle on the arms of its wearer as she dances her way into the festivities of life.


We have selected each colour very specifically as they symbolize individuality and freedom; these are what makes the festival season so special. It is truly a humbling experience to find yourself surrounded by a celebration of culture that’s so vibrant and full of joy.

The festival season of 2020 is upon us, so be sure to secure your sets of The Dance of Colour bangles before they run out forever!

We hope you enjoy this special collection as much as we do. We wish you all very happy festivities!