Add Elegance and Regality to Your Wardrobe with The Modern Punjaban

October 19, 2020

The world of jewellery is a rapidly changing industry. It can be quite daunting to even attempt to work your way through the multitude of different jewellers in order to find what is right for you, especially when it comes to traditional Indian jewellery. One does not simply mix and match these stunning pieces. Better yet, traditional and authentic jewellery is meant to speak to the heart of its wearer. Ensuring that each piece converses with your soul is the ultimate goal for each one of us at The Modern Punjaban. Since its inception, we have aspired to follow one mantra above all; Quality over Quantity. That is why we have committed to providing you with only the best selections of our products, instead of saturating our own market with subpar jewellery.

We are proud to present to you our high-end line of Kundan sets that are made with utmost precision, care and respect to the cultural significance that each design carries. We have always strived to separate ourselves from the herd by making genuine jewellery that is of a superior quality than anything else you will find on the market. What differentiates our high end Kundan sets from your run of the mill traditional jewellery is that we use a meticulous design process that utilizes glass stones rather than cheap plastic stones to carefully craft the gorgeous designs that you know and love. After creating the fabulous designs inspired by Punjabi culture that set the framework for our pieces, we only deal with two very different finishes to our products in order to maintain our quality standards.

By using gold plated backing as the finish on our glass stone Kundan sets, we set the standard for unparalleled elegance and quality. The gold plating signifies the royal calibre grace and dignity that each piece bestows upon its wearer, by shining a light on your most beautiful features and accentuating them.

However, if gold is not your style, we offer stunning finishes of our Kundan jewellery with beautiful Meenakari (enamel) designs. This breath-taking art of colouring the surface of metals in order to give them an otherworldly hue possesses a rich history. First discovered by the Persians and later introduced to and perfected by the Varanasi in the late 17th century, Meenakari was a cornerstone in ancient Punjab for its use in art as well as jewellery. We keep in mind the importance of properly using Meenakari in our premium line of beautiful pieces. We strive to adhere to the same design principles that were followed all those years ago by the jewellers of Punjab, who used Meenakari to colour jewels that was adorned by ancient Punjabi Queens.

Here are 3 inspirational looks that pair our exclusive collection of high-end products (including our high-end Kundan jewellery) with beautiful and bold wardrobe choices that will have heads turning wherever you go:

  1. Embrace the Devi within

    Accentuate your beauty in this stunning fusion of Punjabi with western fashion. Add a t-shirt, leather jacket and shoes to a traditional outfit of lehenga paired with any of our gorgeous high-end jewellery to produce a look that means business. This awesome combo of tradition meets urban is a simple yet elegant look that is both chic and regal. Yes, it’s actually possible!

    Set the streets ablaze with your daring yet graceful outfit on a sunny day. The Modern Punjaban’s Classic Kundan collection with gold plated backing will bring out the goddess within you and have you shining brighter than the sun itself.

    Be inspired by our Classic Kundan collection with a modern twist. The new normal is elegance that you can take anywhere you want. After all, the Modern Punjaban lives within each and every one of us. We just need the right piece of jewellery to set it free.

     2. Revel in your stylistic freedom

    Summer has never looked so good! This wonderful casual and comfortable outfit along with our luxury collection of earrings and bangles will have you feeling radiant throughout the day.

    Nothing matches the golden aura of a hot summer day like exquisite jewellery. Better yet, our contemporary touch along with our extremely close attention to detail in each and every one of our pieces is what sets The Modern Punjaban distinctly apart from our competition, we just do it better!

    3. The Bold and The Beautiful

    We at The Modern Punjaban pride ourselves on the fact that we are able to offer a selection of high-end, authentic and meticulously crafted accessories that do not compromise quality and elegance. A simple Sunday brunch outfit of shirt and jeans will be completely revitalised by adding a few pieces from our collection into the mix. Adhā Cada, our breath-taking line of clutches in multiple colour variants, along with pieces from our high-end Kundan collections, earrings and bangles are a recipe that is catered to your taste. 

    Our unrivalled commitment to maintaining industry-leading standards in curating high quality jewellery, along with ensuring that you always have a choice in what you buy is what makes The Modern Punjaban pioneers in our craft. With the launch of our brand new, high-end Classic Kundan collection we aim to take that commitment to the next level.

    Stay tuned to our blog to hear about upcoming products that may very well have a place in your wardrobe.